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Bryansk State Technical University (BSTU) was founded in December 1929 according to the decision of the USSR Higher Soviet of National Economy on the basis of the Bezhitsa worker’s faculty as a higher technical institution of a new type. “Krasni Profintern”, a large machine-building plant in Bezhitsa, Bryansk region, served as a technical foundation for its organization.

The training of the engineers on the initial stage was carried out at the mechanical department with the two subdepartments- technological and mechanical engineering department. These subdepartments trained specialists on hot and cold working of metals and foundry, locomotive building, machine-tool manufacture, mechanical installations.

     In 1934 the first graduation of engineers took place

     From February, 1936 till January, 1944 the Institute was called Ordzhenikidzegrad Machine-Building Institute.

     During the Great Patriotic War the Institute was evacuated to Nizhniy Tagil where it continued teaching engineers.

     January 22, 1944 it was renamed into Bezhitsa Mechanical Machine-Building Institute. It was also that year that the Institute was re-evacuated to Bezhitsa.

     December 7, 1945 Bezhitsa Mechanical Machine-Building Institute was renamed into Bezhitsa Transport Machine-Building Institute.

     According to the Decree of Presidium of the Supreme Council of RSFSR from June 2, 1956 and the order of Minister of Higher Education of the USSR from July 13, 1956 Bezhitsa Transport Machine-Building Institute was renamed into Bryansk Transport Machine-Building Institute.

     From mid 60-s there appeared a tradition to start a new academic year with the ceremony of initiation into students with a symbolic presentation of a student’s record-book and lighting the Torch of Knowledge.

     In November 2, 1979 by the Decree of Presidium of the USSR Supreme Council for achievements in training qualified specialists for national economy, in development of science and technology, Bryansk Transport Machine-Building Institute was awarded the order of «Badge of Honour».

     December 28, 1995 Bryansk Transport Machine-Building Institute was renamed into Bryansk State Technical University in accordance with the order of the Russian Federation State Committee of Higher Education.
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     Within recently BSTU has become a technical University well-known in the whole country, over thirty thousand engineers and scientific workers for machine-building, transport, power-engineering and other branches of industry have been trained within its walls. Now BSTU is a multi-profile technical higher school with a developed academic and laboratory basis, equipped with up-to-date devices. The University includes 2 branches, 1 polytechnic college and 3 representative offices. About 7500 students study at six full-time (4800 students of the total number) departments, evening and correspondence departments. It trains bachelors and engineers in the sphere of economics and management, machine-building and metal-treatment, power-engineering, ground vehicles, electrical engineering and industrial electronics, automation, safety and vital activity, computer technologies and systems.

     Annually over 1500 people are enrolled into the university. More than 300 highly qualified scientific and pedagogical workers take part in training future specialists. 65 per cent of the teachers have academic degrees and status. Among the teachers there are 50 honoured scientists of the Russian Federation, honoured workers of Higher School and branches of science, Full Members and Corresponding members of Academies of different branches of industry, 360 Doctors of Philosophy, Professors, Candidates of Science, assistant-professors.

     The activity of the scientific schools being developed by BSTU is well-known in the country and abroad. During the last decade the scientists and the teachers of the University have published more than 500 monographs, textbooks and educational supplies and have received 10 patents and authors’ certificates for inventions. The innovative activity is devoted to designing and producing essentially new kinds of vehicles.

     Over 70 postgraduate students and competitors on various scientific specialities study here. The university has councils on defending theses for the degree of PhD and for the degree of Candidate of Science on 10 scientific specialties.

     The present stage of the development of the University comprises integration of education, science and production. To provide high-quality training of specialists the University is continuously improving its laboratory and information basis. Unique technological and experimental equipment is used in the process of studies.

     The University scientific library is one of the largest technical libraries in the region. Its book-stock counts more than 500 thousand volumes of academic, scientific, sociological, political and fiction literature.

     The university has business and creative contacts with more than 60 industrial enterprises, research organizations and higher schools of the country. BSTU is developing international cooperation with Universities and outstanding scientists of the Western countries: the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Italy, Austria, Holland, the Czech Republic and also with the traditional partners from Byelorussia, the Ukraine, etc.

     April 4, 2006 the International Association of Universities of Belarusian and Russian boarding regions was founded on BSTU’s initiative.

     2002-2012 the University is headed by Prof. Lagerev Alexander Valeryevich, Doctor of Engineering.

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